Elgon International Health Institute


Elgon International Health Institute (EIHI) is a scientific model training institution committed in research and innovations. EIHI which has developed an innovation in reducing malaria infections by use of sterile insect technique to suppress mosquito population, and production of mosquito repellant from herbal extract in Bukedi Region.

Male Anopheles mosquitoes will be massively bred and reared in the laboratory, and sterilized by irradiation technique. Working with a drone, the sterile irradiated male mosquitoes will be regularly released in large numbers into the marked zoned areas of Bukedi region to mate with the wild female anopheles mosquitoes, leading to decreased reproductive potential because the resultant eggs will not hatch, and ultimately over sufficient period of time, the number of mosquitoes in the targeted area will be reduced in the Bukedi Region in the short run, & the entire country in the long run.

Shall produce a cream from herbal repelling plants which is effective, efficient, body friendly and acceptable by the community purposely to prevent mosquito bites. It will be applied on the skin and it will repel those mosquitoes which will have escaped and entered the house. The other focus is on establishing model gardens of mosquito repelling plant where the community shall also grow surrounding the habitable houses.

The remaining mosquitoes which could have hatched due to fertilized eggs by the naturally existing males will be repelled by herbs planted around home-steads, thus reducing the access to the occupants of the home.

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