Elgon International Health Institute

elgon international health institute

This is where we teach students skills they need to transform
their lives, others’ lives, and our global communities.

About Us

EIHI was established to cover the gaps in health training courses and is committed and maintaining academic and clinical environment where students and staff work together to further education and research to provide the highest level of patients care in both classroom, laboratory, hospital, health centers and clinics. The goal is to train men and women to meet the highest standards of professionalism and work in an environment where effective ethical and compassionate patient care is both expected and provided.


Elgon International Health Institute was established to cover gaps in training middle level Multi-skilled cadres of Allied Health Professionals. The gaps were identified after along deficiency in health care delivery in Uganda. The existing medical institutions ware few to cover the vacuum of health professionals and also do not offer such courses in the country. In the process the institution was accredited and recognized to offer a number of courses to produce the lacking cadres such as

Clinical officers, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Medical Theatre Technicians, Pharmacists, Anaesthetic officers and Medical Tutors to bridge the gaps that exists in the country and especially in eastern Uganda.

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Our Vision:

Health and education for sustainable economic development of  all communities

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         To train and produce competent health workers with appropriate attitudes to deliver high-quality Preventive, Curative, and Diagnostic health services.

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To produce Medical Theatre Assistants Theatre Technicians, Laboratory Technician, Health Information Officers,  Pharmacists, Anaesthetic officers, Clinical Officers and Medical Tutors to promote health for all.

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